Best Food Forward – Blumen Blueberries

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Ahhh for the love of blueberries. Oh those mini-powerhouses of taste and goodness, it’s ridiculous. Saying they’re a super food is old news but reminding ourselves that a fruit so yummy to the tastebuds it’s so chummy with important bodily functions is a good thing.

They give the “all clear” to our arteries by sweeping out that bad cholesterol – the LDL’s. Rich in anti-oxidants they give the heave ho to those free radicals too. Elements in these can help hypertension. In addition, some research shows blueberry intake could affect fat burning and storage. Enough said, time to double up!

Wow how can so many benefits fit into those teeny weeny berries? One of Mother Nature’s wonders, without a doubt. Add them to cereal, compliment your cheese platter with them, garnish your salad, pump up your yoghurt with some or blenderize ‘em in a smoothie. I go bananas over blueberries any which way I can get ‘em.

Add these as a standing staple to your grocery list. So versatile and oh so blumen good for you. Enjoy!

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