Pump UP Your Workout Intensity, Want an APP for That?

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Don’t you find that some groovin’ music just cannot keep you standing still? When DJ Rouge spins George Michael’s Too Funky, ZZ Top’s She’s Got Legs or U2′s Vertigo the dance party gets started, ready or not. Surely this is one strategy Earnest Ainsley could use to get followers to get up, at it and cured!

Some research shows that listening to certain music during exercise can increase your endurance by 15% – hoo haaa! This boost can mean better results for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Dairy Farmers of Canada recently released its Recharge Radio workout app, a set of five customizable playlists designed to increase the endurance and enjoyment of your workout. Recharge Radio is the latest innovation in DFC’s Recharge with Milk program dedicated to educating athletes about the post-workout recovery benefits of chocolate milk with an app to pump it. How novel is that? VERY!

To get your hands on these visit www.RechargeWithMilk.ca

“People enjoy working out more when they are listening to their favourite songs,” said Dr. Len Kravitz, professor of Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico. “Music provides us with exercise gains, which can increase endurance, strength or speed and make a workout better. It’s great that people can download the Recharge Radio app and take their workout to the next level.” Just listen to the other Lenny Kravitz’s Lady and your exercise intensity will surely heat up!

Hmmm I’m taking an hour-long walk up a mountain today so could use a boost. Maybe a little Black Eyed Peas can play to Phunk with My Heart will propel me up while Nelly Furtado’s Forca will get me back down…

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