Life’s Inconveniences

May 15th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , ,

Humph, it was one of those Monday morning after a wine and fun filled weekend. Got up early to get a jumpstart on the day. Sky was blue, sun was beaming, a beautiful spring day. I wore my big stylish Hollywood sunglasses to cover those Samsonites under my eyes – evidence of all of the fun, now that I’m back to reality. I was feeling uggish, while the right arch on my foot was moaning. Other than that all was well, so it would seem.

Had an uneventful entry onto the subway, closed my eyes trying to catch extra winks before having to keep my eyes open for the duration of the day. Then an announcement comes on about a smoke investigation at a subway station half way to my destination and that we all needed to disembark and take busses – good grief. Like the Mama’s and the Papa’s sing “Monday, Monday, ta-da….not to good to me….” The train sat and sat and sat some more while the annoying announcement repeated, repeated and repeated some more. It left more questions than answers to those of us who didn’t have earplugs in our ears :-) One of the many benefits of travelling “ears free”.

Like cattle the weary co-tranistors got off only to stand in a sea of people with busses leaving the station empty with their “out of service” sign on with no staff in site or announcements of where to go. “I’d like to tell them where to go…” I huffed then one announcement ended “…thanks for taking the TTC”, right “thanks for nothing…” after which time they announce service had resumed and we the cattle proceeded back down for the second round of our trip, this time seatless while my blood pressure was in my boots. I felt like sparring with the little minx leaning on the pole I was holding onto. “One look at me little sister and I’m giving you what’s for…” For the love of peri-meno….

I exited at my stop and approached the stairs while the train zoomed in from the other direction. A big gust of wind propelled my long blazer behind me like Superwoman’s cape as my hair blew freely. Now ready to take on the world.

I got into my office with no one around with my project deadline bumped forward a few hours. Ahhh how do you spell relief? Then I thought if this is my biggest problem today, then it’s going to be a good Monday. I took off my caped cruisader goggles and got working.

And it was, a good day indeed!

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