Take Heed of the Tube Feed – A New Diet?

May 22nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

It would seem I’m on a roll with my ranting and raving about what’s going on in the news and world lately. The news story a few weeks ago took the cake. As I was waking up sipping my dopio espresso nibbling on my porridge leafing through the paper I stopped in my tracks seeing a pictures of a 20-something aged woman with a nasogastric tube sticking out of her nose. I thought, “hmmm what could be her problem?”

I used to be a clinical dietitian and would need to rely on suggesting “tube feeding” for people who cannot eat enough to sustain themselves. No not this gal; however, she was trying to lose weight to fit into her wedding dress. What did I say about this world, that’s is a mad mad mad mad mad mad world? Now I know it’s true. As if I needed a confirmation, good grief.

Time to give this gal and anyone considering it as a weight loss measure a brain scan. Sure there’s a nut in the wrong place… Alas, I don’t think anything would show up because of the empty space. What gives?! Has your mouth stopped working lady?? I have known thousands of people reliant on tube feeding because of illness and would give their eye teeth to be able to get off using this feeding method, and there’s an able bodied doe-head using it to lose weight. Oy veh. Now I’ve seen everything.

I can just see the enteral feeding industry rubbing their hands together with this as a potential new market for them. Who would have thunk modestly overweight people’d become so dumb and desperate at the same time?

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