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There are expert committees struck who have spent countless hours defining “healthy” as it pertains to food. What constitutes healthy? I organized a think tank on this very topic some years ago with a multi-sectoral audience. With hundreds of thousands of product sku’s lining the aisles in the grocery store a groundswell of need for this emerged to deal with those products in the grey zone.

There are however some products that the majority of people don’t even need to question whether it’s healthy or not, well except for one person – who is the claimant of a $2 million dollar class action suit from Nutella. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, “it’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad world”. After reading this in the paper, I am confirming this notion.

We are lucky in Canada to have regulations around food product labels for industry to disclose in a systematic way what is contained in their products. Every citizen can then look on the nutrition facts panel to judge for themselves if any product is suitable for their own consumption.

Then there are the marketing campaigns that aren’t closely regulated. From Redbull that drink that “gives you wings” (not to mention insomnia from all of the caffeine), to Nutella that’s touted as part of a healthy breakfast (if you take your multivitamin with it). We also have those commercials who sell high fat fast food with skinny models. As if? How about fast food commercials that they make a visual connection to a traditional farmers field instead of the factory farm where the products originated? Are these images up for a class action suit too?

Food for thought while living in this mad mad mad mad mad mad world…..

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