Going to a Party Party Top 10!

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It’s garden party time folks. Time to put your game faces and party pants on to help your weight stay in check. Keep these pointers in your back pocket while you’re making your plans and say “bottoms up”. Here’s your top 10 list to stay in control:

1. Don’t go to the party hungry, have a snack before you leave the house to curb your appetite
2. Be a gracious guest and bring a food offering to the party, especially something divine and healthy
3. Wear an outfit that is cinched around your waist; you are more likely to eat like a moo moo when you wear a mu mu!
4. Make the first few drinks you have something bubbly… mineral water that is!
5. Scan the party scene to see what’s being served
6. Make a plan of what you’ll eat, nothing’s off limits but avoid choosing everything – aim to trade off
7. Be the DD and save a load of calories on bevy’s, if not decide on your upper limit say 2 glasses of wine and sip slowly – no guzzling please. You don’t want to be the talk of the party afterward now, do you?!
8. If you choose to have alcohol, begin when the food is served or you’ll send caution to the wind and forget you had any plans at all!
9. Focus on the social and fun aspects of the event and move the food around your dish, especially if your host is a food pusher saboteur
10. Up the ante on your exercise routine to work off the excess you consumed in the coming week and cut back a bit on your intake.

Keep in mind a little planning goes a long way. You can still party hearty and keep your diet in check. Oh double the joy!

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