Best Food Forward – Pro-Protein

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People often debate which of the macronutrients to favor when you’re embarking on a weight loss regimen. The truth be told all are imperative – protein, fat and carbohydrate. None should be avoided. Eating mixed meals with all macronutrients helps your blood sugar rise and fall more gradually and for a longer duration.

Ensuring you eat enough protein at each meal and even at snacks will help alleviate that rumbly tumbly because protein provides better satiety. Better satiety means you’ll stay on track and not run off the rails.

Let me count the ways to encourage you to include sound choices in your diet:
• Enjoy skim milk with meals
• Nibble on a handful of unsalted mixed nuts for a snack
• Add a hard boiled egg or cheese pieces to salads
• Beef up your diet with beans of any variety – garbanzos, kidney beans, lentils or peas
• Cut up left over beef, chicken or pork to be used in sandwiches
• Snack on a yoghurt to take the edge off of your appetite before dinner

Eat a balanced diet and ensure you don’t skimp on the protein. This spring, put you best food forward!

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