Lunging for Bella Gambas

March 26th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I read an article last week about toning your legs, morphing them into bella gambas – nice legs!! Despite being in a groggy state when I read it, the writer convinced me to include a few lunges into my mat routine when I bend, stretch, strengthen and flex. He mentioned that doing ab crunches was a waste of time, although I’m not sure if I totally agree. I have mentioned that some times of the year the only sit up I do in the day is rolling out of bed in the morning, so my tum tumbly can definitely use the work.

It’s great to rev up your callisthenic repertoire with new moves to strengthen by. Adding squats was another suggestion that I adopted into my routine too.

It’s important to remember that while freshening up your exercise scheme is a great idea, adding too much time to it might inhibit me from doing it as often. It’s all about finding balance….while improving it at the same time, if you catch my drift.

He did say that “slow and steady” wouldn’t win the race in the walking context, and I say poo poo to that. I now have a pedometer attached to my belt loop to count my steps. So far it’s at 41 and it’s 8:08am, 9,850′ish to go. Maybe it’s not working properly. Will have to lodge a complaint to my tech support.

In the meantime I’ll weigh in on my lunges, squats and steps in the coming weeks. How are you putting more spring into your step as spring rolls around?? I’d like to know.

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