Sleep on It!

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I just read another article about sleep deprivation and overeating. I have written about this a number of times and it would seem that it deserves more air time. Mayo Clinic researchers conducted an ultra controlled trial with 17 subjects and found that on the day following sleep deprivation they consumed on average 549 calories more than their average intake; double hmmmmm.

They suggested we might be dealing with 2 epidemics, not just one – obesity plus sleep deprivation. I’d like them to consider a third – the caffeination of our nation, with the over consumption that might also cause sleep deprivation. A negative Bermuda Triangle, that’s for sure.

The researchers weren’t quite sure why this happened. Well, let me count the ways. Drawing from my travels across many time zones that groggy readjustment when you go then return has me yawning trying to decide what my moaning feelings are telling me. I find myself asking “am I hungry; am I thirsty; am I tired? What do I really want? I try to use my head and think “hmmm if I just ate, then maybe I’m thirsty or just get some shut eye and see if that helps”.

There are many significant implications of this finding, that’s for sure. There are people who do shift work, people who consume too much caffeine, people who travel across time zones regularly and others who party hearty on weekends.

If you followed my “Trade-off Turnaround” series you’ll know that I can have a hey-day’s worth of assumptions to calculate what these various scenarios add up to in potential weight gain or loss in terms of packing on the pounds if we’re not mindful, that’s for sure.

Confusing the Cues
For anyone who may identify with this issue you may not be able to change your job, but you may be able to think about your reaction to your sleepy cues. For example, if your first line of offence when you are both groggy and think you are hungry I suggest your first line of offence is to drink a tall glass of water and eat a fruit and wait twenty minutes. Reflect on when you last ate and think with your brain instead of your fuzzy hunger cues. If it is indeed time to eat, then eat. But if your groggy cues are still complaining you might indeed be thirsty or just tired, so go get some shut eye and move on.

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