Trade-off Turnaround – Alcohol Overhaul

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I have written many times about the bevy’s we drink being food too. Those alcoholic ones put the “happy” in “happy hour”, but the can also put a ring around your trunk if you have too much, not to mention other health side effects.

Protein, carbohydrate and fat, plus alcohol are macronutrients that contain calories. Alcohol has more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrate. Here’s how each add up: protein has 4 calories/gram, carbohydrate also has 4 calories/gram whereas alcohol has 7 calories/gram and fat has 9 calories/gram. Hmmmm, good calorie tidbits to know…..

Staying on the theme of trading off, let’s look at how a few tweaks in your alcohol drink repertoire can help you tip the scale in your favour (plus provide more health benefits to boot) in the long run with this scenario:

  • Let say you drink a 12-pack of beer each week (which adds to your six pack!). Plus, let say you drink 2 glasses of wine each day. All averaged throughout the week.
  • You decide to scale that back in half (to help your six pack return!) for both of your favourite alcohol bevy’s – beer and wine.
  • The beer added 2,196 calories/week while the wine provided 1,260 calories/week. No small number, that’s for sure.Having fewer each week provides 1,098 calories/week of beer and 630 calories/week of wine. Yes a significant calorie savings.
  • The change in having fewer barley sandwiches can result in a 16-pound weight loss in a year! While the change in decreasing your wine-time can result in a 9-pound weight loss in a year! Changing both can add up to a 27 pound weight loss in total in 1 year.

Being more mindful and cutting back when say bottoms up can save you loads of calories, hands down. Not to mention the benefits to your liver and number brain cells saved!!

And what’s even more important, DON’T drink and drive…..

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