Trade-off Turnaround – Food Label Reading

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A study came out some time ago showing that people who got in the habit of reading food labels lost weight. As I often say, when we know better we do better. This theme of trading off started a few months ago, let’s review this food label reading scenario and how it can work for you:

  • Ok, so you want to take a month and become aware of the calories in the food your family routinely eats. You start reviewing the food labels of the products you have in your pantry, fridge AND look up what’s in the food from restaurants you frequent.
  • You realize AHA! There are many better alternatives and decide you will gradually choose better options from this day forward. That’s the spirit!!
  • Here are some ideas: transition from 2% milk to 1% milk then to skim milk; change from cream soups to hearty bean and/or vegetable soups; choose smaller wholegrain buns from the humungo ones you usually get; scale back from the pillow sack of potato chips to the regular family size bag; etc.
  • For you who are aiming to lose weight, save yourself 250 calories each day from your masterful awareness exercise.
  • This overhaul can result in a 25-pound weight loss in a year! How great is that? VERY!!

Yes folks, awareness IS bliss!


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