Trade-off Turnaround at the Food Court

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I’m starting a series on the notion of trading off in the context of potential weight loss. If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a 1,000 times, there are a thousand ways (at least) to do the same thing right. Also, when people think of losing weight they think about a super restricted regimen without their favourite foods. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your diet regimen is what you make it. So for the next few months let’s look at a number of scenarios and how making changes can add up to a loss.

Here’s a food court, lunchtime scenario:

  • Let say you eat at the food court 5 days a week. You routinely order the double burger with cheese, large fries and large soda pop to wash it down. This adds up to 1,560 calories each sitting. Say WHAT??
  • Ok, so you’re willing to move your cheese a little and decide you’ll enjoy that mega meal every Friday, except you’ll have it with small fries and diet soda instead. This adds up to 960 calories each sitting. Still a LOT, but certainly better than before.
  • From Monday to Thursday you will try other filling alternatives such as chili, grilled chicken sandwich, veggie sub, pizza slice or even a Japanese stir-fry and wash it down with sugar free soda pop or mineral water. MmmMmm tasty morsels!!
  • You also decide you will only have a side order of small fries twice each week and will try a side salad or soup the other days instead. These meal combos add up to about ~500 calories/serving.
  • The current choice provides 7,800 calories/week.
  • The changed scenario provides 2,960 calories/week.
  • Doing this over an entire year can result in a 70-pound weight loss over that time! How great is that?? VERY!!

I have written that awareness is bliss in the food court and this example certainly demonstrates that in spades. There are many better choices out there that can still fill the void. Check the calorie details out on-line, begin trading off by having lower calorie choices more often. Every little bit adds up. After all, when you know better, you do better!


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