Slumberin’ to Slimmin’

November 23rd, 2011 No Comments Tags: ,

For the love of a restful slumber! It got me thinking about the importance of getting enough sleep as part of your artillery to manage your weight. For many in this time-squeezed era, we try to burn the candle at both ends by working more as our To-Do lists grow. The last time I checked we’re not living on Jupiter where its revolution in 1 day is probably more than 24 hours. Here on planet Earth we still only have 24 hours in each day.

There are also some not-so-bright strategies to artificially jump-start our energy levels with the likes of caffeine. Whether we’re doubling up on coffee, caffeinated soda pop or energy drinks, an accumulation of too much of the caffeinated stuff can wreak havoc on our sleep as well, for adults and kids alike.

I find when I travel through different timezones while I’m adjusting to my new daily routine when drowsy I find my cues are hazy as I try to figure out what my body’s mumbling about – am I tired, am I hungry, am I thirsty or what’s the story?? It’s easy to simply fall in the snack trap, eat and assume that’s what your body is asking for.

If you’re having trouble losing weight while you’re not getting your zzzz’s, start counting your sheep and make getting enough a high priority.

Check out my Sunshine and Moonshine in the photo from many moons ago. I’ve been told the dude on the left now sports a beard!! It’s not Beard-ember Vince, it’s MO-vember…. always gotta be different :-)

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