Halloween Scene

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It’s that time of year again….I think…. When I ventured to the grocery store yesturday to pick up my Halloween treats I became a bit confused and annoyed with all of the Christmas decorations at the entrance. Ho ho ho, did I have a bottle o rum before I left the house?? I digress…. Yes, it’s Halloween. That time of year to load up on a variety of goodies and give some out to the ghouls and goblins that come around to shell out.

I changed the setting of my doorbell to “Halloween” – my favourite!! There’s a witch’s screech chime, a scary ghost, a warewolf (I think), a honking horn, a gong and more. Anyone who knows me understands that it doesn’t need to be Halloween for me to sport orange – one colour I will certain wear today :-)

It’s a good day to loosen the noose on your candy eating rules just a tad, after all this day only cometh once per year, thank goodness. I don’t buy the treats until the day before. And for the coming days will accept chocolate as a food group, after which time it will disappear as quickly as it came. Yes I will put up with the sound of wrapper crinkling the next few days until I put a lid on all of the excess sugar sensations.

It’s important to strike a realistic balance allowing all foods to fit even the candy coated kind. When you’re too strict, whether with kids or adults we pine for the stuff to the max. Then when we get it we get hungover not only with a sugar high but a guilt low that lingers in our consciousness. And as women who needs to feel guilt any more that we already do?? So allow it, enjoy it then move on. And whatever you do, don’t get those GD sticky fingers all over the house!!

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