Going with the Grain

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For many, thinking about the benefits of fibre is like bringing up that “f” word at a family function. Nay, nay I say!! I prefer to think of the many faces of fibre in a positive light. For me, eating whole grain breads, crackers, noodles and cereals more often simply tastes so much better than the plain stuff.

I have written about ways to get some nuts into your diet which are also a fab source of the stuff. Not to mention beans, peas and lentils plus those fruits and vegetables. Consuming your share of these foods also has a magical quality to fill you up even if you feel like you have a hollow leg. How great is that??

People prefer to avoid talking about the unsocial notion of intestinal motions. Hey we all do it, so why not have more fibre to help “all of your endings be happy ones”!! I found in my late thirties to forties that ole internal system slow down. This also makes your tummy stick out as if you were a marsupial like a kangaroo with a baby in your pouch. Not a sporty look I say.

I revamped my diet to walk the talk on having my share of 5-10 fruits and veggies per day, plus shifted lunches to include a salad selection including beans, peas or lentils and nuts in addition to the whole grains I have loved for years. It made a world of difference on the locomotion of intestinal regularity for ages now, to today.

Ok one word from the wise, I wouldn’t make all of these changes on 1 day, but adopt them gradually to give your system time to adapt. Wouldn’t want you to explode now, would you?? Oh, and make sure you drink your share of water or all of this fibre frenzy will act like concrete and stop you up until New Year’s.

I also read another benefit of getting your fibre; namely having a generous amount may help reduce your risk of breast cancer. Not exactly a minor benefit. This too puts an exclamation point on getting more fibre, that’s for sure. So go with the grain, there are so many benefits, you can’t ignore them.

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