Getting Easier Over Time – Keep at It!!

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I believe research findings on successful weight losers to be the holy grail of the weight loss industry. People want magical results and will try extremely crazy schemes which often results in quick weight loss followed by a regain the weight; and sometimes even more. STOP THE MADNESS, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

I feel so strongly about this issue, I’ve written numerous posts on the topic. There is even a T & T category devoted to “Successful Loser Logic” to help us all make sense of all of the nonsense. Would you take your car to a crack pot repair place with a bad reputation?? We wouldn’t want any less for us either, so let’s stop making the same mistake over and over again.

I just read an article about a study conducted on subjects who lost weight (at least 30 lb) successfully for 2 years or longer. They were asked about their perception of the effort, attention and pleasure associated with weight maintenance. The researchers found that those subjects who maintained weight losses longer used fewer weight maintenance strategies and reported that less effort was required to diet and maintain weight. Overall, there was less attention paid to maintain weight.

Hmmmm when I reflect on this as a successful weight loser myself I realize that, yes, I derive positive reinforcement from eating healthily and exercise. I certainly miss these when the situation dictates I fall off the proverbial wagon – whether on business travel, holiday eating, etc. I also feel the positive behaviours I adopted over time get integrated into my automatic or robotic ways.

Research shows we make over 200 decisions about food and eating every single day, many of which occur when we’re in automatic. When your personal robot is retrained over time to make better choices regularly it may seem like there is less effort to maintain your weight.

It makes me crazy when I read articles about the “battle of the bulge” as if it’s a slog up Mount Doom every day of your life, because it isn’t. Trust me on this folks. Keep at it and in time your robot will reboot itself making the right choices for you more routinely. At the end of the day, nothing feels better than feeling great and healthy. Some food for thought Through Thick & Thin!!

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