Finding Francy

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Well that’s it, my place of work has closed its doors, sending me out in the unemployment line of life. I must say in my 24 years of working I have not yet met such a circumstance. I do believe I’ve ducked a few times though, avoiding the evil eye of the job cutter along the way.

As odd as it sounds I did not meet the news with grim worry or shame, but with wonder and hope. Hmmmmm, I know I sound so Polly-Anna’ish, but the day this was decided Rev Run’s message read:

Good morning. It really doesn’t matter the size of your next step. What matters is the direction. (Ralph Marston)
God is Love
Rev Run

Too weird, does this guy know what I’m going through or what??!! But really folks, the world is your oyster. After every ending there IS a new beginning. Before any of this went down out of the blue I was contacted by someone who I used to work with. Hmmmmm. I do believe in serendipity and going with the flow. That call just put an exclamation point on things!!

I have pulled up my socks and reminded myself of my gifts and abilities that even in this new economic era there is still work and I will find my way. In the meantime I can write more, get into better shape, syndicate some blog stories, nab a few contracts, take some golf lessons (my putting could clearly benefit), try some new recipes and perhaps sleep in now and then. As of today, I spoke to a real editor. How great is that??!! Everything does happen for a reason and while I figure out the details of my next step I will truly enjoy my journey and land on my feet like I always do.

Well I don’t believe I’ve ever been lost, but through this change I have been given the time to be found…..more deeply. My circumstance truly is a blessing in disguise on this highway of life. Right now I’m simply idling in a parking lot!

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