What’s in this Fall? Autumn!!

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I sensed autumn being ushered in on my morning walk. A refreshing breeze blew as the forelock on a maple tree rustled in the wind sporting an orangey hue. On the weekend I meandered past a home that had a cast-iron cauldron over a flame doing down one thing or another…..mmmm tomatoes I hoped…. How great is that??

A great time to reorganize your cave. How about the change over of your wardrobe of linens and cottons to velvets, cords and cable knits; from strappy sandals to fashion forward boots….all wrapped up in a scarf… Now that I’m 50 that bodes well on my neck…..

I have unearthed my apron making the likes of wholesome comfort food recipes such as pizza, eggplant sauce and a garlicy smooth pesto. Mmmmmm.

Daylight might be shorter having you long for fall fairs celebrating harvest. If there is any time of the year to support local, NOW is certainly the time. There is divinity in the available produce be it peaches, plums or apricots. Fill up your fruit bowl and enjoy. How do you love my new fruit bowl in this pic?? Just snagged it while visiting the Red Rooster Winery on the Naramata in the Okanagan……

For me, anytime is a perfect time to re-evaluate your eating and activity plan – but September is like a “new year” of sorts. With kids vamoosing where they belong back to school we can take stock, make stock and get ourselves unstuck, if you catch my drift.

For me fall is ALWAYS in – to harvest new goals and stock up on a new point of view. What are your plans this fall?? I’d like to know…….

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