Tres Chick

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Oh for the love of the chickpeas. Tres chick, I say!! Research shows that adding about a half cup to your diet each day can stave off your cravings for salty, sugary and fatty treats.

In one study, participants included these garbanzos as part of their daily regimen for a 4 week timeframe using various recipes. Not only did the participants notice less hunger and lower calorie intake but they also ate less of the junky snacks to boot. How’s that for a triple sow cow that benefits you right in the gut??!!

Researchers attribute this triple-edge benefit to higher fibre content. Fibre shmiber, whatever the reason I can tell you first hand this works for me. I have divulged that part of my lunch consists of a mixture of a few salads that always include beans and/or legumes. I also have yoghurt, cottage cheese and a few fruits. Even if I start out hungry as a wolf before lunch I end up a tamed beast by the time I have finished.

There are so many ways to include these or any bean in your diet regimen. Check out the “food revolution recipe” category for more ideas.

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