California Dreamin’

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Ever need to sooth your soul? Gotta make sense of the nonsense? Do some California dreamin’ then get there already. Take a ride down Highway 1 and the pieces of your scrambled puzzle can start to reassemble. The Cypress trees stand perfectly eschew. The well hydrated ice plants surge forth out of desert sand. There is never any ice, though. Even the weeds are beautiful in perfect splendour. I don’t think I’d choose to live on San Andreas Boulevard though….”Look honey, the city’s paving the road again….”

I have a lot on my mind lately, sorting out life’s ebbs and flows. Have been mulling over it all, day after day – thinking, mulling, mulling and thinking. Hit a highway cutoff leading to a beach, cliffs, water and a parachute surfer that helped me make sense of it all. As I walked toward the water, the wind was whistling, the waves were crashing, the sun was gleaming. Mother Nature was at her finest.

Ahhh this California, how I love thee. Even though Arnold Schwartzneger governs the state there’s nothing about it I don’t fancy….mostly. What’s not to love?? I trudged through the sand as the sun glistened on the Pacific Ocean as a parasailer found his groove. Maybe this is a piece of Heaven. I am sure of it. The weight on my mind started to lift…

Later we headed to a special early anniversary celebration dinner. Our 25th. Earlier this day we packed a day-bag with evening clothes. We arrived at our destination. I pull the bag out of the vehicle that has for some reason become unzipped…. Onto the cobble drive falls evening ware, undie’s, accessories and more. Good grief. I break into uncontrolled laughter that echoed into the foyer….with a sore tummy, tears, runny nose and giddiness only a 5 year old (cum 50) knows….into the evening… Slapstick at its finest. As we dress for the occasion I look in the mirror and realize my hair looks like the perfectness of a Cypress tree – all eschew…. Ahhh well, good thing our vision’s not as good as it used to be!!

Ahh yes, finding the child within…. During dinner we recounted the day, the sites, the drive, the scenery with colourful bliss. This is what fond memories are made of. I am sure of it.

Astalavista, BABY!!

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