Eating In-between Meals – The Other Intercourse

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I was doing some reading about current consumer trends in food and eating this year and mulled over the topic of snacking – that other intercourse, hmmmmmm. With the tight economy research shows that 78% of snacking happens at home while 22% away from home. Some consumers (4/10) are looking for health benefits in their snack of choice while most still look for a sweet bite that satisfies.

The busy multi-tasker is looking for handheld items to nosh on-the-go (37%). Is there an app for that?? I can see it now, a portable feedbag strung onto one’s mouth, around the ears tied at the back of the head. Will that work?? Yes, the epitome of convenience.

Energy shots are gaining ground (50%). I have said this many time, if people only slept through the night and limited their caffeine intake (not in that order) there wouldn’t be a need for the “pick me up” of energy shots. Also, with an obesity epidemic, simply do the abdominal pinch test and consider that pinch your very own energy shot….. something to consider burning some time soon.

The good news is 67% of consumers are spending more time at home entertaining, while 20% buy gourmet snacks and 34% buy specialty items.

Whatever you’re doing around snacking make sure you take the time to taste and enjoy it. Successful weight losers swear by eating 3 meals and 2 small snacks each day that keep the tummy rumbling at bay. Aim to get a few combined food groups as you snack with protein in the mix to help stabilize your blood sugar level and keep it from plunging quickly AND keep you satisfied.

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