Stress, Eating & Rising Above It

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It’s a tell tale sign when the highlight of your week was having a colonoscopy – good grief. You got it folks, stress on stress with a side order of stress. It’s times like these when we have to bear down and find perspective, hmmmmmm.

Right out of the gate the first thing to do is double up on the Vitamin C’s and D’s. After all who needs to get worn down with a cold or flu in the summer. It’s so easy to turn to one of our best friends – double chocolate ripple ice cream with a side order of guilt.

I read about a study that looked at the stress and eating connection. They found that chemicals produced in the brain to control how the cells communicate, also regulate food consumption were negatively impacted by stress. Hmmmmm.

Despite these chemical findings, we can still take a behavioural approach to help get a handle on things. It’s important to do all you can to hold onto your routine as your saving grace. I have admitted many times that my walking routine is like my therapist without the bill when the hour is up. A perfect time to burn off steam, clear your head, focus on nature and open your heart to the Heavens. Yes there are birds of plenty, rabbits hop hop hopping along, the smell of fresh cut grass, kids playing, all this and more helping you make sense of any nonsense.

If you run to food and drink at the first sign of stress, consider other ways to sooth your soul – with music, a bike ride, finding a new recipe, drawing a bubble bath, having a mani- or pedicure, reading a magazine or book, gardening, phoning a friend, watching comedy, dawning something fab, buying a new lipstick and more. All no cal and all constructive that work in to anyone’s regimen and budget. We, the homo sapiens are higher beings, after all….apparently.

We need to remember that life isn’t always a carnival, but more like a roller coaster with ebbs and flows and ups and downs. One thing I know for sure is that every day IS a new frontier. Each chocked full of potential – a fresh page, a new start, with the hope of creating new opportunity. Upward and onward!!

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