Spectator Sport Nudging Inertia

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Have you been caught up in Canucks & Bruins hockey?? All of these play-off games of this winter sport in June makes me just want it to end already, don’t you think? I don’t mean to sound like a kill-joy, but I packed away my winter garb ages ago. Haven’t you?? And the closest I come to ice these days it putting a cube in my drink. Popsicle anyone??

There are so many spectator sports on the boob-tube for the couch-potato athletes on this planet it’s staggering – hockey, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, cricket, football and more. Isn’t that Nadal a dream whether he loses or wins?? Ok, I’m guilty as charged 40-love.

When I think of all of the reality trash on the tube it’s come down to sports or news, really. And quite frankly the news has turned into drama, so sports squeaks out that decision. Who needs more drama in your life, if indeed you have one??!!

I just came home from taking a long stroll. One where I passed walkers, joggers, runners, bike-riders, roller-bladers, dog walkers, skate-boarders, even saunterers mushing along. My solemn thinking-time during my stroll allowed me to reconsider this hockey-thing or any sports watching for that matter. That if you even got a little spark of inspiration to get off the duff – to swing a club, take a stroll, swing a racket, ride a bike then whether the Canucks win or lose that spark of inspiration has resulted in a victory. Bravo!!

Go Canucks Go!!

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