Weeding Meeting

June 27th, 2011 No Comments Tags: ,

Ahhhh yes, as the temperatures rise while the blossoms and blooms multiply this summer so to does the bounty of Mother Nature’s wild west, the flourishing of the weeds. I try to face this task with an open mind, after all, look at all of those calories are waiting to be burned, different muscle groups to be stretched. The benefits abound, don’t you think? As I often say, “if you don’t use it you’ll use it” – even my own advice grates on me sometimes!!

I use the 80-20 rule and try to leave my “control freak” nature in other parts of my life because the only one who can control the weeds is Mother Nature herself!! It seems I’ve been pulling dandelions out for weeks now. As any good Italian, I could be using these chagodia in my salads and soups. But I am 3rd generation, so I’m “not that good” and I toss them into my recycle bag….good riddance!!

Facing the interlock with weeds seeping through like ghosts emerging from a graveyard is my next challenge. I’m tempted to call any good aesthetician to bring a vat of hot wax and do what she does best – pull baby, pull!! But I face these stones with some vim and vigour until my blood pressure bottoms out leaving me ready to want to fall down and go boom. Oh for the love of the weeding meeting!!

As I complete one part of the yard I decide to pack up and look for 30 minutes here and 50 minutes in the week ahead there to try to get the upper hand of this growing nuisance. Once inside again, I look out my kitchen window after hanging up my gardening gloves after another round of our tussle and notice a few new dandelions peek forth from the ground with a sniggering self righteous sunny glow. I want to shake my fist and shout “I’ll get you, you son of a …., I’ll get you yet at our next meeting.”

Ok, time to get a life and move on to more enjoyable ways to burn those cal’s – golf anyone??

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