U-Turn on Salt – Finding More Thyme

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Continuing on the theme of making a u-turn on salt that I started some weeks back, during my busy time, I turn my attention to thyme. After all these days, couldn’t we all use a little bit more of it!! This stuff has taken over part of my garden so the Incredible Hulk could not yank it out, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I wasn’t planning to….. As the perennials are sprouting up in my garden so does the thyme.

Thyme is so very versatile. It blends well with the flavours of so many foods. For example all meats, stews, soups, stocks, herbed butters, flavoured vinegars, salads, chic peas, beans, lentils, cheese and eggs. It’s also a complementary flavourful assistant to myriad vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, eggplant, parsnips, leeks, mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, sweet peppers, potatoes, spinach, corn, peas and rice. The quartet of lemon, garlic and basil with thyme makes your taste-buds sing. That’s one herb worth keeping close at hand when we’re trying to use less of the white stuff by reorienting our taste buds with spring-fresh herbs in our food.

Veal Chop Recipe Idea

I have used thyme, garlic, olive oil with a wee bit of salt and pepper to marinade veal chops for bar-be-queing. Very delightful!! An age old recipe that the best waiter who ever lived “Roberto” from Scaramouche Restaurant the night of our first anniversary back in 1987 told us about. We prepare this now and then in his fine memory. We were young back then celebrating at an upscale place, which was often met by other wait staff with poor attention because there was nary a grey hair between us. Not Roberto or the team, he treated us like gold, like any diner would deserve at any restaurant, especially a finer one. Still our favourite restaurant by far to celebrate special events, by a landslide….. Now we’re treated by Joel and Ian and greeted by Karl. How great!!

Remember to clip some thyme from your garden and bring it indoors to dry out for the next season change, not that we even want to think about that. It’s so wonderful using herb-treasures from your garden all year round when cooking, not only in spring and summer. Enjoy!!

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