What I Know For Sure – About Food

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As the final Oprah show airs, I continue paying my own tribute to O being the 3rd day in a row…… The theme today is on food, glorious food. Yes, Mother Nature’s bounty. As spring moves into summer we are clearly blessed by so much choice.

In the rush of everyday life many of us gloss over the devil that lies in those details. I fret that many have a hope to eat better “some time down the road”, but that day never seems to come. Are we getting all of the nutrients we need by eating on the run so much? I dare say that our nutritional requirements won’t get met with good intentions. I worry when we’re deficient in various nutrients we can try to eat and eat and eat to make right with what is wrong with us.

Many people fall short of meeting the requirements for fruits & vegetables and dairy products for example. I have written about this many times. Turning your diet around to have 5-10 a day of fruits & veggies and your 2-3 servings of dairy products could make a world of difference in the quantity of food you consume, your bodily functions to help in order to ultimately fire on all cylinders to get the most out of your day and life.

Also, the further away we move to eating a plethora of processed food from natural food the less good you’re doing for yourself – excess preservatives, additives, colourings, caffeine day after day was not what our digestive system signed up for when we came into being. We seem to pay more heed to helping the environment, than our own internal one. I say, let’s get our priorities straight and work on both!!

What I know for sure is that you can’t fool Mother Nature. When it comes to food it was meant in it’s most primordial, natural form. Not something processed using a fluorescent colour with a few vitamins added in. Make a regular goal to move your cheese and try a new kind of food in its natural form – a fruit, a vegetable, a nut, a type of cheese and more. Commit to trying it, tasting it, respecting it with an open mind and most of all enjoy it. See how your body responds when you make this shift to more natural food. It will certainly smile back at you when you do. Because in the end, you are allowing your body do what it was meant to do – process and use Mother Nature’s bounty.

A Word About the O-Age….

I hope you get a chance to view today’s final Oprah show. How lucky have we been to live in the O-Age, to be inspired, taught, entertained and blessed over the past 25 years with topics that cover all corners of our lives….and then some? Very lucky, that’s how…… I hope we use this day as a springboard for continued growth which is what we continually seek. Are you with me??

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