What I Know For Sure – About Eating

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This week, I am paying a special tribute to Oprah on her final week of her show by using the mag theme “What I Know For Sure” in the context of trying to be the best you can be. This first theme is about eating. When I read the many dismaying stats on obesity, diabetes and diet related diseases I sometimes feel discouraged.

From the minute infants emerge from the womb, feeding and suckling is inherently instinctual. I scratch my head wondering how that wee little baby who knew naturally how to eat reaches adulthood without a gal-darn clue about eating whatsoever. What gives?? From super sizing, to fun foods, to relying on convenient everything, to continual guzzling gi-normous drinks filled with caffeine and sugar – really folks, what went oh so very wrong from then to now. Hmmmmmm

Respect for our bodies, our food and our family’s nourishment is quintessential in the quest to eating right. I’m sure of it. I sometimes wonder if we need to shut off all messaging about food and nutrition and find 1 or 2 very reliable sources and stick with them for advice might help avoid confusion. Eating right involves more about getting and staying in touch with our instincts than using your head which is crammed with so many facts and figures you sometimes don’t know where to start.

What I also know for sure about eating is that there is more involved in the process than simply nourishment through connecting with others. Even if it is simply a quiet meal alone, that time is precious, don’t you think? Also, the many positive behaviours around eating written many times on this blog and by Dr. Brian Wansink has so much wisdom people ought to sit up and listen to help make things right. Finally, eating should be one of life’s joys devoid of negative emotion, guilt or shame.

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