Long Weekend Revival

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We’re inundated with stress, with time constraints, with competing commitments. We juggle many balls in the air. Can we ever create a perfect harmony?? We live in a social construct that dictates what we need to do in terms of immediate family, extended family, community, work and the like. Trying to measure up can surely wear you down. I say let all the balls fall where they may…..

When everything’s said and done, when you have time to think deeper on this long Easter weekend consider making your our construct. Make a song and march to your own beat, with or without a drummer. Who cares what everybody else thinks? On this long weekend I’m going with the flow. I welcome the dust bunnies as I welcome Easter.

Earth Day, Good Friday, a day off, free time, gotta love a long weekend. A perfect time to catch up on your z’s; to linger over the newspaper and cuppa jo; to lounge in your jams ’til noon, to do what you want when you want. You can work in your workout whenever. You can putter, read, write, golf, walk, cook, garden, wash the car and take your time making each decision. For the love of a long weekend with one extra coveted day off.

I welcomed family to my place for an easy breezy Good Friday dinner. There was no kicking up a fuss. There was no stressing over the menu, the food, the wine selection, the table setting, the music, the dust management. Because what I know at the end of the day, once you sit down together, break some bread and pour some wine the stories will flow along with the love and connections to one another. We welcomed the dust bunnies with the Easter bunnies and eggs and all of the enjoyment in-between and we had the most perfect Good Friday and Easter weekend.

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