Food Origins

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A lot has been written about getting better acquainted with our food. I am all for getting up close and personal with it, that’s for sure. Here here!!

There are people who have never had the pleasure to grow a bean stock or yank a carrot out of the ground. Nothing smells better than a home grown tomato or freshly cut herbs from your garden. MmmmmMmmMm. When you venture into your local grocery store one might never realize that their honey came from a bee hive, milk from a cow, chips from a potato or bread from wheat.

There’s something rather romantic about cozying up to your food. A newfound respect emerges, don’t you think? I love the feeling of meandering through any weekend fresh market. The best companion to bring along with you is an open mind and creative spirit for oh the possibilities – what you can make from these treasures you bring home. Nary a package among them….

This weekend I ventured to the Carmelis Goat Farm in Kelowna, British Columbia. There are new kids among the old goats in the barn – each with their characteristic personality that captivates the spirit tugging at your heart strings. Hmmmmm, sample some of the hard and soft cheeses will surely fill up your senses.

Making a cheese tray of any kind is a lovely way to start or end a meal, or can be the center piece FOR the meal. Add some to a sandwich for that special kick, in a main dish like lasagna (December 15, 2010), on pizza (posted May 14 & July 21, 2010) or in a salad (June 23, 2010) to jazz it up. Yes the possibilities are endless and it’s certainly all good.

If your kids’ (i.e. children) only brush with nature is surfing past David Suzuki’s show on the TV, consider cozying up to your food with them in toe. Take a little drive to a farm, enjoying the countryside. Plan to grow a little garden this season. You don’t need to be a green thumb to give this a try. You can do this on your apartment’s balcony once the seeds get started on your windowsill. Commit to using your earthen wares in your meals with the kids and watch their appreciation, pride and interest flourish.

And oh, aim to take the time to watch David Suzuki’s A Force of Nature. It will captivate the mind and spirit for all who view, without a doubt. Food for thought, that’s for sure…..

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