A Bonnie Day Indeed….

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Top of the morning to you. It’s been a bonnie Saint Patrick’s Day for many, hasn’t it??!! Indeed it has!! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds were singin’ and shoots have sprung out of the dormant-looking garden already. It feels like father winter is trying his hardest to morph into spring in one fell swoop. And for that pot of gold, what bit of luck has emerged at the end of your rainbow on this fine day?

For many people, finding that is a life long journey, looking, reaching, seeking often feeling as if they need to continue to this quest. Our point of view; however, can change those bearings to help realize that, for many, we’ve already found that pot of gold. You don’t need a bonnie St. Paddy’s Day to take stock. Just last evening I was treated to another lovely birthday dinner with fabulous friends while my Mother Dearest will be doing the same for me this evening. How lucky and I’m not even Irish!!

True friends and family glisten more than a pot of gold by being there through thick and thin. And that new niece I told you about on August 18, 2010, yes Nature Girl is our latest edition to our family’s pot. A colleague of my husband’s family lived a 100 meters off shore of where that horrific tsunami hit last week. After a few days he received word that they are ok. For many, the news isn’t all that hopeful.

So on this fine day, may the luck of the Irish fill you up with joy and hope. Celebrate with some yummy Irish stew and green beer or whatever your fancy. Join together in appreciation. And may the sentiment of this day rest in your heart the whole year through. Make yours a bonnie day indeed!!

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