Eating & Emotions

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Food is a funny thing. It’s so much more than the vitamins and minerals it provides us. For some whose emotions trigger over-eating it’s beneficial to tease out these triggers – happiness, sadness, anger, fear, emptiness even boredom. A long term goal is to learn to feel these emotions, experience and deal with them without the need for food. Work toward boiling it all down to hunger being the greatest trigger for food and satiety, the signal that you’ve had enough.

Many years ago I was an emotional eater. You name the emotion and I chomped down to that tune. Through years of journaling and analyzing food intake, degree of hunger and satiety and feelings, helped me deal with these constructively. It’s definitely worth the long haul of work to figure your eating mystery out. Everyone is certainly different.

Funny this morning I had a play-date scheduled with my good friend Cara and daughter KC. It just so happened that KC’s Zaida dropped in with Chulla bread which we shared over the “tea party” portion of our visit. What a special surprise! As I drove home I felt the love of a Dad and Zaida from our connection of sharing tea and Chulla. How special is that?? I would never suggest being so disconnected from your emotions, so that never the two shall meet. After all I’m Italian and Cara is Jewish – emotions come with the territory.

Note to self – make sure you schedule the next play date when Zaida visits :-)

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