“Earn It” to “Burn It” Mentality

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I was off at a conference recently. The activity of the day can be summed up by sitting, walking to another meeting room and sitting some more, walking to another meeting room and sitting some more….This goes on for the entire day for the duration of the conference. Oh and the sitting is usually interspersed with eating and drinking temptations galore. Sound familiar??

As I have written about in the many “Business Travel Bupkiss” blog posts (on dates September 14, October 18 and November 3, 2010) if you’re trying to stay on track in a maintenance pattern, paying special attention to what you’re eating and how much you’re burning certainly is key.

Like I’ve always said, all foods fit. It is; however, a fine balancing act of calories in and calories out. I love to partake in the cultural cuisine and offerings, but in my mind, I need to earn them first.

I have a general modus operandi on this is Just for Today posted on June 14, 2010. I can have special treats but I generally don’t partake if:

  • I haven’t had an opportunity to do some sort of work out
  • It’s lunchtime
  • During the weeknights, generally
  • If my whole eating pattern’s turned on its head I aim to leave out the extras so my jeans’ll fit on the flight home
  • Overall, I feel I need to earn special treats in terms of energy balance

This conference center had a small gym that I visited each day. Let me tell you, I enjoyed getting that circulation moving. One of the days I snuck in once in the am and once in the pm for shorter bursts just to clear my head. The other few days I did about 45 minutes to an hour. I enjoyed trying a different workout machine. My machines at home are about 20 years old so it was nice to try out some of the new features as I plodded along.

So remember, all foods fit, but when you want to reach for those extra special treats any old time think first if you have earned it in terms of energy balance. If you haven’t, wait until you have.

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