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I did some reading about how little of our brain and potential we mere mortals actually use. And the author also talked about how much time and attention we spend paying attention to everyone else’s problems but our own. I got to thinking, hmmmmmmm I think in fact minding everybody else’s business has turned into an Olympic sport, don’t ya think??

Have a quiet moment and ponder about the many fleeting thoughts that pass through your mind. Think about what you pay attention to and make issue of from day to day. Now take stock of your own goals and dreams and what you’re doing right now to achieve them. Are you surprised how they might be sitting idle on a shelf somewhere catching dust, while you spend much too much time in the thick of other people’s business?? Ya, I’m talking to you….

Think about how much energy and attention you’re using in this. If you grumble about falling off the wagon of success. Think about focusing your energy inward instead of outward and you may just find a simple key to your own success.

I really do hope that I’m wrong here. I do; however, think this is a good exercise to take stock in from time to time nonetheless. If we all just did a 180 degree turn and MYOB rather than everyone else’s we’d all be much better off and I think we might just find peace on this earth.

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