Monitoring Moment – Of Paunch & Circumstance

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Oh for the magic of monitoring. I find in the depths of these winter months we get shrouded behind our winter woollies. You know, an emerging double chin hidden in a thick turtle neck, our paunch under a downy parka and our thunder thighs in thick corduroy. What we don’t want with the spring thaw is the dawning of paunch and circumstance – nay nay I say.

The scale and tape measure don’t tell a lie folks, that’s for sure. Whether we want to believe it or not, they are our friend. Elasticized waistbands; however, can help you stretch the truth and keep you in a misty fog of doubt. Successful losers keep a keen eye on their dimensions and ensure they monitor the mannequin in the mirror from time to time. I wrote a post called Gut Check August 31 so give it a re-read.

I tend to use my ironside jeans as my gauge because I don’t have a scale in my house. Just like tobogganing, our weight can slide with a pound added here and another one there, here a pound, there a pound, everywhere a pound, pound…. If hibernating is how you handle winter you may be battling the bulge by spring. I’m a big believer that Awareness is Bliss, posted October 10 so give that a re-read as well. Drop your drawers and take a look at all angles in a full length mirror and let it all hang out.

I’ll confess, after New Year I gave myself a much needed proverbial bonk on the head and uped the ante of my exercise routine while keeping a closer look at my daily hoof in mouth eating. It’s only been a few weeks of doing my mat routine (posted April 28) along with a few minutes on my 2 machines and overall tightening the screws that I do feel a bit more toned and fit.

Monitoring is key folks. Better you check in to Hotel Reality now rather than wait until that paunch and circumstance takes over. You’ll be glad you did!!

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