Good to Great Principles Reapplied

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If you haven’t yet read the book Good to Great by Jim Collins, I suggest you do. It’s been out for many years now, but is still relevant today. I got to thinking that the principles he brings up in the book apply to successful weight loss and management perfectly.

I read this book years ago and I remember my main take home message was that it didn’t take any 1 factor to emerge from good to great, it took a wide array of factors to rise to that designation.

If you have ever asked someone who lost weight successfully how they did it, they’d give you a laundry list of changes they made over time including changing their food intake, activity output, their attitude, their relationships and confidence, cooking, dining out, approach to dressing and attire and more. I got to thinking that to become the best you can be these same principles apply.

There are times when our diet-mojo fizzles out for a period. It’s times like those where you can focus on other aspects of your life aside from food and exercise. For example, I never get tired of paying special attention to detail on personal attire. Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a clothes horse….naaaaaay!! When you’re dressed to feel your best, as I’ve said before, you will probably eat better. If you’ve been doing the ho-humming not wanting to go out for your walk, when you feel great, you are more likely to go for the gusto and just get it done already.

Think about the opposite scenario – dressing like a schlepp. When you feel all ugg-ish and dowdy, you probably could care a less about how you eat or move. This has nothing to do with diet, except everything…..

So if you get a bit bored with your plan, focus on another behavioural pearl to help keep you in the game.

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