Think Shrink

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I don’t know about you, but I need to take action on my stomach stretch receptors and fast, to help make them shrink back to normal, don’t you?? Between the parties, the dinners,the lunches and the brunches my tum-tum has gotten used to eating and drinking a bit more than usual, do ya think? If I don’t do a full court press on this situation soon it might be hard to do a 180 if I wait until January 1.

Last week I had a meeting in my office and around 10:00am my stomach was making those supposed hunger grumbling sounds as if I was fasting for Ramadan and it was almost sundown. It wasn’t. I just had breakfast a few hours ago, and my brain knew that my stomach was playing a game – na na na na na.

One important strategy to do is up the ante on exercise and activity now that you have some spare time on your hands. Take in all that winter has to offer, bundle up and vamoose outside and get moving.

The other thing NOT to do is fall prey to the ole “oh, I won’t eat all day and wait for dinner”. No no no on that one. You can head down a slippery slope of binging and fasting as fast as you can say Dahoo Dorey. Don’t skip ANY meals and make sure you get your appetite suppressant- protein in meals to ensure you feel satisfied. If your blood sugar plunges too quickly by just nibbling on fruit all day you’ll be tempted to nosh on those many leftover goodies. Why do they call them goodies when at this point we know they aren’t??!!

Speaking of which, make a plan to share your goodies with neighbors, family, friends, perhaps freeze some. But if all of these treat dishes are sitting under your nose for the coming week you can do a big slide-a-rooney from now to New Year’s and your slinky black number you were planning on wearing New Year’s Eve might need to be taken out.

I don’t think that’s part of your 2011 plan. So put your thinking cap on and fast, make a plan, check it twice and for goodness sakes, think shrink!!

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