Lunar Eclipse of Winter Solstice

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I love how Mother Nature gives us signs to wake up out of our robotic oblivion. We were overcome last night with the mystery and intrigue of a lunar eclipse. One that hasn’t taken place in over 2,000 plus years apparently. Hmmmmm. Just like the great star shining in the east was a sign to the Three Wise Men, so this is a sign for us.

It was a clear night, and as per my usual routine I awoke to take care of the call of Mother Nature plus cool off from my nightly hot flash. It was around 1:35am when I decided to meander downstairs to catch a glimpse of the man in the moon. I went from window to window looking without any luck. Feeling so hot anyways, I decided to step outside into the brisk winter’s night wearing my kitty flannels. Still no sight of it. I got relief from the heat then scampered back to bed. Thank goodness no one was in sight :-)

As odd as it sounds I look forward to the winter solstice – the shortest, darkest day of the year and beginning of the winter season. Each day ahead will be a glimmer lighter and that symbolizes hope for me. I got up early for my morning walk. I love being out about 5 minutes before the break of dawn. There’s a 10 minute window where the reflection off the snow glows a mysterious purple before the sun rises. Indy says something must be in my porridge. But it’s true, look for it yourself.

This was a special morning with the magnificence of the full eagle’s moon shining like a humungous white beach ball low in the sky. I was treated to the silence of this early morning with the intermittent chirp of cardinals off in the distance. I too take this lunar eclipse as a sign for me as I take my first winter morning walk. I strolled amongst the dormant trees standing tall along my route. They symbolize our human potential, lying dormant within. This special day is our reminder that it’s up to us to dig inside and become who we were meant to become, to snap out of our robotic monotony. And follow our dreams.

There is your shining star in the east.  Are you following it? What are you waiting for?

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