Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Trifle of Truffle Trepidation

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, tips on my truffle re-ci-pe!!

My niece who’s our southern-belle, contacted me on tips and tricks for making the truffles. Eureka she decided to embark on her own mission and “start truffling” – way to go!! Truly though, I think she liked my line on the “cup size” posted November 25, but whatever the reason, it’s all good!!

I figured, why not share the secrets with all of my T & T followers, so here’s a supplement to my truffle recipe posted last week:

All You Have is Time – Resign yourself to the fact that there are a number of stages to make these and it takes time. Put on some good tunes. Take out a bunch of bowls and spoons and make a day of it. And oh, wait for the house cleaning after you’re done….

Make Room for Daddy – Clear and clean all of your counter surfaces and tie your hair up for the day because if this is your first time you might be using more space than you might have realized.

Slow & Low – Melt your chocolate slow and low. Make sure you stir often enough, intermittently. If it’s too high, it’ll burn and chrystalize in the middle of your bowl. Not good! Don’t make me say “I told you so….” If you get a lump of crystal, spoon it out and discard it.

How Dry I Am – Avoid getting moisture in your chocolate. You’ll know that you did if the chocolate gets clumpy. As I say “we can overcome” – add a dab of shortening and stir consistently and that should remedy the problem – TADA!

Let it Flow,  Let it Flow, Let it Flow – Don’t skimp on the booze, it’s the holidays. Do make sure you use a type suitable to the colour of chocolate you choose. Creme de menthe will go swimmingly if you choose green, or white….

All Mixed Up – Ensure your truffle mixture is thoroughly combined. If it isn’t you’ll get yucky streaks of condensed milk through it. The consistency is a bit unsightly when it sets….ug.

Roll ‘Em – Try your darndest to roll them into uniform sized balls. There’ll be a variation, but a grape size to meatball size is too great of a variation!!

Please Take Your Seats - Make sure you’re sitting comfortably when you do your rolling because you’ll be standing up for the rest of the day. So take a load off Annie….

Down with Sticky Fingers – Once you’re done rolling and dipping try to keep your hands as clean as possible from chocolate. Once you’re ready to put your creations into cups and containers, sticky fingerprints takes that professional look out of your creation. Do like a spy and don’t leave a trace of your prints.

Perfection Pandemonium – Look, I’ll level with you after having made these for 30-some years, don’t aim for perfection or you’ll drive yourself up the bend. Trust me, there are enough things in life that drive you there, this should not be one of them. Once boxed up with your special touch they will look simply divine.

Seal it with a Kiss – When you give these away don’t be stingy on the hugs and kisses. I’ve been giving these out to my friends, family, colleagues and confidants since making them 10 days ago and I’ve been feeling the love, let me tell you. Like Dr. Phil says “You get what you give”, well he’s exactly spot on about that Philip McGraw. People are so appreciative that you made these yourself and gave it to them you will receive great joy in the process. It’ll truly fill you up.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what this season is all about….this and every time of year – Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho. Ok Sunshine, tell me how it went for you.

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