My Christmas My Way

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Well I’m pretty much set with most of my Christmas preparations:

  • The truffles are made – check
  • My door bell’s on the Christmas setting – check
  • The front mat is changed to reflect the season – check
  • My coveted Josh Groban’s Christmas CD is installed in my car from my niece – check
  • Some gifts are bought and wrapped – check
  • The snowman soap dispenser is out – check
  • The nativity scene my Mom bought us adorns a special place in my dining room – check
  • The decorations abound – check
  • The Sirius Christmas station is set…”I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus….” – check

It’s funny how every person has their own special idiosyncrasies to prepare and make this time of year right. Hearing Josh Groban’s “I’ll be home for Christmas” for the first time since last year warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I have a few cherished decorations from when I was a little girl in key areas of my house that make MY season right.

The first opening of that box with the musty smell fills me with joy, thinking of the laughs and giggles of me and my sisters putting them up together. I have 1 special old carousel my Papa used to put on his tree sitting on my kitchen window sill. I have a glass vase of a cherished selection of our old tree ornaments of different colours – red, gold, blue and one of our blue bells on my kitchen counter. To me that’s my Christmas tree – the miniature version without the needles or lights. I put some styrofoam drums arranged with my knife block. You know the drill.

If any stranger came in they’d think they were old relics that belong in a museum from days gone by. Some of the drums are missing the sticks. A reindeer is missing an antler, the carousel is broken and the shiny decorations are chipped and tattered with that old snow still attached. I’m sure the substance is banned and toxic. But for me they’re the best decorations in the world, my world. I would hardly win a holiday decorating contest, except perhaps as the sentimental favourite.

A few summers ago my husband discovered an old wooden box made by his Gido decades ago. I set it up in a place of honour in our home at Christmas and fill it with my home made truffles and gifts as our centre piece. To see his smile when he notices it brings me great joy. For me, that’s what Christmas is all about – love, tradition, celebrations, joy, connecting, giving peace and making peace…..and having a piece….

A week ago I splurged and bought a lovely crocheted sweater. I think in my life I’ve had at least one a decade just like it. When I was on a walk the other day I thought about that sweater and wondered, hmmmmm, what is it with me? Ok, I know I’m a hippy at heart and a Cher fan. But that wasn’t quite it. Then it hit me, when I was little my  sisters and I asked my Grandma to crochet something just like it, AHA!! Well I’ll be nice and cozy this season in yet another crocheted sweater. I guess that’s my way of connecting to my Grandma. Ahh fond memories of the past…..

So bring on the pity pudding and God bless us, everyone….tell me about your Christmas, your way, we’d love to know…..

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