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Well today marks my 200th blog post. Oy where has the time gone. July 20th marked the 100th post. Can you believe it?? Let me tell you, I got a little bit jittery that week thinking and wondering what more I had to say. I guess I’ve done more blubbering than any 3 whalers I know!!

Thank you Trusty Commenters!!

Back then I mustered about 100 comments on the entire blog. Thanks to you all I now receive hundreds of comments weekly. I have 4,476 comments and counting throughout the site. For this I am truly grateful. Molto grazie everybody!! I continue to look for new topics to write about so please don’t be shy and let me know what you’d like to read about. Feel free to use an alias and blubber back to me any idea, dilemma, questions, thoughts, etc…..

Call for Family Recipes

I’d like to call out for your tried and true family recipes. Feel free to send them as a message to “admin”. If you can add a photo, that’s even better. I encourage you to add what this recipe means to you and your family with any funny little anecdote because this will add greater meaning. Food is so much more that just the core nutrients. It’s also about connecting with family and with our ancestors who passed the recipe down.

Join Me on Twitter, Won’t You??

If you’re on Twitter I encourage you to follow me and I will follow you back. My link is on the blog-roll to the right. Twitter gets a bad wrap, but it’s really alright. Learn about it, get involved and I’m sure you’ll be interested in it in time. Who ever thunk I’d be a twit on Twitter who tweets??!!

More to Come….

We have experienced a lot together, you and me. As we look ahead the holidays are looming and yet another New Year to ring in. All this and I’ll be turning 50 AND celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in 2011. Let the bells ring!! I’m sure I’ll be searching my soul as these days approach. It’s much easier to get through when you do it with friends, don’t you think?

Do pass this blog link on to your friends, family and colleagues who can relate because really we’re all in this together, aren’t we? Through Thick and Thin :-)

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