Stuff Whisperer – The Seasonal Shuffle

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Oh for the love of stuff. As autumn days advance, last weekend I found myself shifting some of my stuff. You know the drill, the shifting of seasonal wear from whites, light cottons and brights to cozy cords, velvets and sweaters. It was crazy busy at work a little while ago so I was scheming for some shopping therapy as my guilty pleasure. I was struck by my aging wisdom to do the seasonal stuff shuffle first. How odd??

I found myself getting lost in stowing away a bunch of strappy sandals, summer t’s, jams and the like. I celebrate all of the seasons so this “changing of the stuff guards” is a good time take stock. I always find when I do this this I rediscover a coveted pair of boots or jeans or gloves that emerge like new again as the seasonal shuffle unfolds.

After doing other outdoor activities this weekend I actually needed to trek to the mall. Really!! Hmmmmm what trouble could I get myself in? I thought I’d go during the late afternoon lull. Was I ever wrong, lull, what lull?? Despite it not even being November yet, there was hardly a parking spot in sight. Oh joy….A little extra walking suits me fine after a few too many Halloween treats. Sadly there were Christmas trees decorated and songs of the next season playing, huh?? The leaves are still changing, now this? How much earlier can they start this materialistic madness, maybe after “back to school” next year. What gives??

As much as I love stuff I wasn’t feeling “ho ho ho” jolly for next season yet, but “ho ho ho and a bottle of rum” melancholy to numb me from the mega shopping madness all around. I had a sick feeling in my stomach. Yes, it could have been in part from a few too many mini Aero bars from my Halloween stash, I don’t know.

Perhaps as I am aging, I may be getting wiser. I only picked up what I went for then vamoosed out of there. I need to reacquaint myself with my newly organized stuff before tempting myself with more, more, more. I may not even have a place for another piece of stuff. Oh for the love of stuff.

As Spock from Star Trek said “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing… as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.” I hope my ears don’t start getting pointy. Good grief….

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