Take the Test – What’s Your RealAge??

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People get all hung up about aging. I’m 49 and am constantly reminded about my age when I can’t read a map without my reading glasses, when a young sales person calls me “Ma-am” or when I better understand the physics of gravity. Now let’s not go there. I used to work at a children’s hospital and realized early on that aging is a gift. It sure beats the alternative!!

There is a comprehensive test you can take to find out your Real Age, found on www.RealAge.com . I discovered it when I turned 40 and have kept tabs on mine ever since. From an extensive list of questions about your diet, exercise, smoking, connectedness and other important lifestyle factors it calculates from your actual age what your lifestyle is doing to your physiological age. It’s simply brilliant. In addition to informing you about your estimated RealAge it provides a list of practical suggestions you can consider improving upon.

So, take the test at www.RealAge.com

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