Thank You Thank You – A Tradition Rethink

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Ah yes, American Thanksgiving long weekend is upon us. It’s a perfect marathon combination of football, family meals and shop-til-you-drop all rolled into one. I don’t know about you but Chris Berman and his iteration of “All-The-Way” needs to have a sock put into it by Sunday, don’t you think??

I must say that I love festive family traditions, but some might be ready for a re-think.  I get a little bit crazy with all the news about the slow economy and the so-called wisdom that “all we need is for consumers to start spending again”. Perhaps I missed something regarding the 2008 economic bust, but the reason it happened was because people WERE spending…. when they really didn’t have the money to do so. Good for the national economy, bad for your bank account if you don’t have the dough to pay with. The motto “give credit where credit is due” makes a lot of sense on this topic.

Ya I told you before I’m a material girl, just like the next gal, but I don’t think I need to take one for the proverbial team and put my savings at risk getting all the bells and whistles the social-istas are suggesting we “need” to do my part to get the economy in better shape. I find the older I get the more prolific techno gadgets are becoming, with the price-tags to match – yowza! With Christmas around the corner, now would be a perfect time to pause and think about gift giving from a different perspective. Here are some ideas:

  • Are you a crafter?? You might want to consider giving something you’ve made to people on your list – jams, jellies, hot peppers, truffles (I’ll post this tomorrow), cookies, notecards
  • Time is our most precious resource – how about making a special occasion with someone you love wrapped up like a gift certificate to be used by a certain date together?
  • How about enlarging that special photo and framing it? “Memories, do da do do do da doooo”
  • How about recycling with a twist – giving a treasure of yours that you no longer use to that special someone who would? Try this every season, but not as a gift though……
  • How about a donation to your favourite charity – food bank, hostel for single moms, Kiva?

Before you head out to shop-til-you-drop I encourage you to sit down and think about the post Christmas pandemonium from years gone by. Do you get a sick feeling in your stomach because of what you spent with all of the excess? What was actually used and appreciated? Was all of this really needed? I’m not  saying don’t give gifts, but I am saying to give with thought, heart and sensibility and focus on what’s important.

By the way, how’d you love Oprah’s Favourite Things x2?? Weren’t they just the greatest??!! She’s the absolute best, that’s for sure…..All-the-Way :-)

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