The Proof is in the Proportion

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I was invited to a lovely dinner a few weeks ago hosted by a retired couple. They set a welcoming table using their dining room dishes. These dishes were EXTRA special, because they were their original dishes from when they wed 40 something years ago. The diameter of those dishes are what our dishes of today SHOULD BE – much smaller!!

I have written about the importance of watching portions on April 20, 25 and June 28. It’s such an important topic I thought that it’s time to weigh in yet again from a different perspective.

I read about a novel plate used in a research study with diabetic patients made by the company Diet Plate Ltd. What’s so novel about this is, it outlines on the plate accepted portion sizes. How novel is that!! What’s more, The Diet Plate and its accompanying breakfast bowl “are carefully calibrated using lines and visuals to help users ration carbohydrates, proteins, cheese and sauces. The plates allow different calorie counts for each gender and are designed for a wide variety of foods; the bowls are unisex and used only with cereal.”

There was a study with obese subjects with type 2 diabetes. Half of the participants were assigned to a control group and maintained their usual diet routine. The other half were given a Diet Plate and breakfast bowl and were asked to use the plate once daily with their largest meal and the breakfast bowl whenever they ate cereal.

The results showed that those who used these novel plates were more than three times as likely to lose five per cent of their body weight compared with those not using them. This amount of weight loss is so beneficial for a number important risk factor reductions.

We live in a society who’s eyes and plates have grown to become muchos grandes – too big. I take stock in the wisdom of getting your paws on a set of these babies and trying them out for size. Why not use them on weekdays??

Some say the proof is in the pudding. This time the proof is in the portion, the PROPER portion!!

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