In Favour of Flavour – Thoughts on Chocolate Milk

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Well I just reviewed a study touting the benefits of chocolate milk for kids. I touched on a veggie strategy last week, so I thought I’d focus on dairy this week. Research shows that kids diets fall short of dairy products AND fruits and vegetables. That’s a failing grade for 2 of the 4 food groups. Not good :-(

When you boil it right down our bodies require numerous building blocks so we can fire on all cylinders optimally. Firstly, from the macro-nutrient side – protein, fat and carbohydrate, then from the micro-nutrient side – vitamins and minerals. Not the mention the other important elements like water, fibre, etc. All of these have life sustaining properties. Yes folks, every single one.

These results showed that the kids who were allowed to drink flavoured milk had a better quality diet from a nutrient perspective for children and adolescents than kids who did not. From a practical standpoint I’d have both in the fridge and ease up on the stringent protocol. Don’t we do enough finger wagging?? When I stroll through the grocery store and witness what some companies create calling it food, well, sometimes I just shudder. I can certainly encourage chocolate milk and I have it on my standing grocery list.

I do get peeved by companies adding Vitamin D to juices though. There are some parents who feel “well my kid doesn’t drink much milk so why not switch to this??”. This is a definite no no. Right off the top, I wouldn’t compare foods from different food groups, and juice and milk are from different groups. I think kids get such a fill of juices, fruit punches, smoothies and soda pop they all squeeze out the possibility of having milk in the first place. Next, as far as Naturally Nutrient Rich goes – all milk and milk products for that matter make the high grade in spades.

Ya I know, I saw the video of Jamie Oliver with the wheel barrel of sugar talking about horrors of chocolate milk. I’d like to know how he made his calculation, because there are natural sugars in milk he may not have accounted for properly. Second, by removing so many foods kids like from school gets a bit nutty, don’t you think?? Give the kids a break and let them have chocolate milk for goodness sake. Pun definitely intended!! It tastes good and is good for them.

The way I see it half of what kids eat is falling short from a nutritional perspective. We really do need to find ways to encourage them to eat and drink the good stuff. This is one way to do it and you’ll get the hero sandwich for it. When was the last time you got that as a parent?? We’d like to know……

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