I Am Woman Watch Me Roar – Vortex of PMS

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I’m a big believer in equality of the sexes, but we got the short end of the pepperoni on our monthly menses. Ya ya ya, I know all about biology; however, for many women this part of our cycle may make us feel bloaty, have cravings, be more hungry, fatigued and even get short tempered. If you think about this one for too long you may want to throw in the towel on the “weight management” game altogether. Take heart ladies, we can overcome!!

Got that Bloaty Feelin’ – I’m not a big believer in weighing yourself too often. The 2 weeks before your period’s going to start and within of a few days of it  starting do yourself a favour and stay away from anything that resembles a weigh scale. If you do monitor your weight do it once per month ~7 days after your period started. Successful losers monitor their weight either with a scale or by wearing a “certain piece of clothing” like your “Ironsides” jeans. I don’t own a scale but get weighed when I have my annual physical. I do have those trusty jeans that never lie. If tight I can’t say “oh the cleaners must have shrunk them!”.

Dealing with Cravings & The Munchies – Every woman experiences this differently from month to month, and also from year to year. My Mom used to use the line “oh I just need to get that taste out of my mouth” when she’d buy chocolate coconut balls. Sometimes it’s salt, sometimes it’s crunch, sometimes it’s a hamburger and sometimes it’s Hershey’s Kisses – really it’s a crap shoot. I’m a big believer in listening to what your body is telling you, to a certain point. Have a portion of what you’re craving and be done with it. If you try to fill the void with poor substitutes of the real thing, you’ll end up wanting whatever you’re craving even more. So the bottom line here, give in within limits, then get busy.

Low Energy Challenge – Search your soul and be honest on this one. If you’re really tired, take a day off of your exercise routine. Listen to your body, but make sure it’s not “pulling your leg”. Something that I try is making a deal with myself to head out on my walking route. If I’m dragging my butt, I can turn around and come home. I find getting some fresh air and hearing some birds singing does wonders to bring up my energy level AND my spirits so I keep going.

Handling that Roller Coaster of Emotions – Let’s face it we can all relate to the movies Sibyl or The Three Faces of Eve during “that time of the month”. I find being peri-menopausal my emotions swing more now than ever. Ah, my lucky husband! I try the strategy of counting back from 10, but on some days I’ve got count downs within the countdowns and I want to explode. If you can “take it to the street” my friend and burn some of that energy off with exercise that will serve you well in two ways. Simplify – do you have to do ALL of those things on your “To Do List”. Surely you can cut back on something. Try saying “no” to some of those obligations to help you take back some control. Can you take out your emotions on a messy closet, basement or sock drawer?? This is a trifecta of a strategy – it’ll channel your energy, burn off calories AND help you get organized. Now that’s a hat-trick that’s constructive.

When all is said and done avoid staying in inertia because of this fact of life for us gals. We’ve got the power, don’t we??!! We got the vote long ago, we’re getting into board rooms, so don’t let a little PMS’ing bring you down. We are women, watch us roar!!

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