Banana SPLIT

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Ok the words out, Tiger and Elin split. Who didn’t see this coming? Helen Keller, maybe. Well the world’s greatest sports figure brought the act of spousal humiliation to an all time high then took a tumble off his pedestal up in the stratosphere down to mere mortal ground….whatever…

We common folk should get a life I think because we have it all wrong. We put the likes of people who can do such unimportant skills up on the highest of ground, it’s ridiculous – golfers, baseball players, football players, hockey players, boxers. Nothing like a good 1-2 punch and knock-out to bring up your popularity. I nearly gagged the weekend that Tiger was in the running for a brief while in the US Open…. on Father’s Day no less. Talk about poetic injustice.

You know I wrote about finding role models in life August 17 and I meant it. The likes of Greg Mortensen from Three Cups of Tea or Randy Pausche from The Last Lecture SHOULD be the pillars in our society, not these yahoos we’ve levitated higher than high because they know how to score….now don’t get me started on that…..

I vividly recall the sad week that Lady Diana perished in the car crash. That was the same week Mother Teresa passed away. I remember thinking that God was testing us. And sadly as a society we failed miserably. Who didn’t see the remnants of the car, the zoom in of the ring, or the boys, Elton John’s Candle in the Wind rendition umteen times. Do any of us remember many or any details from Mother Teresa’s funeral?? Perhaps not.

Ok I’ll admit I was a fan of Lady Di from a fashion perspective. Yes she had good causes she led. But really, when you live in a castle, don’t pay taxes, have a multitude of hired help, have a lot of free time I don’t think you have an excuse NOT to find a cause. Do you think?? I’ll also admit that Mother Teresa was a role model of mine. In fact I was in a job interview and was asked who my role models are and I replied “Tina Turner and Mother Teresa!!” Ok, so I like to mix it up a little…..

Really folks, we are surrounded by role models in our midst who may not cut the mustard on our mixed-up social scale, but they should. I used to work in a hospital and worked with many professionals who would go that extra mile for their patients when no one else in the world would know. Now that’s the making of a REAL role model.

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