Back to School Brainwave

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Everything’s so “back to school” these days isn’t it? Everywhere you turn are advertisements, articles in mag’s and newspapers, features on the radio. I don’t know but it’s all so last year, and the year before that and well 10 years before that. Even older.

It seems all I ever read about is our society being so time starved coupled with kids who are enrolled in too many activities yet don’t know the basics of life when they emerge from the teenage wormhole. I read for the  umteenth time today about “back to school lunch ideas”. Ho hum. Well do I have a lunch idea for you. Let’s get kids to get back to preparing their OWN lunch. How does that sound….are you with me??

I have written about my Mom many times and her wondrous ability to set limits and teach us life skills, right? I remember going to the grocery store with my Mom (written about on April 11), cooking and helping in the kitchen with my Mom and even making my own lunch. Really parents, it’s not a big deal. Calling Children’s Aid never crossed my mind all those years ago. Look at us in this photo, we still get along swimmingly!!

I think there needs to be a paradigm shift getting kids involved in household functioning again, don’t you?? Parent’s are running around driving their kids to so many activities and sometimes TOO many activities there’s very little time to just connect with each other and catch up.

Well parents this fall is a new chapter. Why not start a new trend getting your kids involved in the household chores? No, you’re NOT mean by taking this step. Actually you’re short changing your kids by NOT getting them involved. Sure, they might be able to play the trombone by the time they reach the ripe old age of 20, but they don’t know how the washer works or how to toss the washed clothes into the dryer, fold them…… I can hear the gasp from coast to coast across North America now. Just like we teach our kids their ABC’s, we also need to teach them how to make a lunch, and oh, not one you order at the drive through.

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