1,000 Ways to Do the Same Thing Right

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Through my years of counseling families I learned that there are a 1,000 ways to do the same thing right. Or are there? This theory seems to break down; however, when hubby boy (aka Big Foot) is planning to have people over where serving food is involved. Yes, he had a staff meeting and lunch and yes, we have very different approaches to preparing for this. Guys and dolls are VERY different!!

Oh, did I mention he broke this news to me a few days before the day that he was hosting this at our house…..on the same afternoon as we were having a nice dinner for his boss who retired? At times like these I realize I have a “controlling” gene, positioned near the “self righteous” gene. My brother-in-law Scott says it’s across from the “exaggeration” gene. Somewhere on the Y chromosome is the “I don’t fully think things through” gene he may consider the “spontaneous” gene. This is positioned somewhere near the “absent minded professor” gene leaving some people forgetting to turn off the element on the gas stove or the iron or the radio…from time to time….

The night before the back-to-back day he was trialing a new recipe for the dinner, while I was making the easy-peasy pasta salad for his office lunch (posted on August 11). There we were, working in the same kitchen organizational triangle, better known as the other Bermuda Triangle when spouses work in unison!! For me a recipe is a general guide, for him it is gospel.

I do chuckle to myself as he’s looking for various kitchen gadgets “do we have a peeler?” ” I need a spatula, I think it’s in here, mmmmmm”, “I need to parsley minced…..” The chuckling halts when he’s tasting the creation and the crumbs end up on the floor under his Big Foot….that spreads the stuff around the house.

The morning of all this I whisk around the house, emptying garbages and recycling, folding bathroom towels, wiping the outdoor table and chairs, taking out serving spoons and dishes while mentioning “the bbq sauce is on the fridge door”… He says, do you really need to do that?? Yes, viva la difference…..

Men and women are so different though, aren’t we?? I think deep down our aim to drive each other crazy, secretly, slowly by slowly. The other evening he took a shower after taking a walk. He comes out of there and mumbles “I’m fresh”. Me, being in a different part of the house and going partially deaf says “You’re stressed!! Why are you stressed?” He says, “WHAT?” I bellow “Why are you STRESSED?”. He raises his voice, “STRESSED, I’m not stressed, I’m FRESH!!”. Holy Toledo, we ARE losing it. Blame it on the rain, maybe…..in the winter we’ll chock it up to the cold!!

Truly though everything worked out just swimmingly after all with the back-to-back entertaining. It was nice to chill and break bread with friends. This moral is so true – that there ARE many ways of doing the same thing right. Whether it’s eating right, exercising, hosting a luncheon or dinner party, keep an open mind a relaxed attitude and everyone will enjoy it all every step of the way :-)

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