Stepping Up to the Plate….

July 18th, 2010 No Comments Tags: , , ,

When it comes to family functions we all need to step up and take a turn once in a while. Or at least offer to bring something…and for sure lend a hand in the process. We finally got over the hurdle in my family having everybody bring 1 or 2 “dinner parts” to take the pressure off of the hostess. Proud Italians don’t give in without a bit of a fight, but now we have the routine down pat, mostly. I find the older I get the more tired these things make me. So my Mom who’s 77 and Mother Dearest who’s 80 might even feel it more than me. They never admit it, that’s for sure!! It’s so important to make the time to get together.

I offered to host last weekend’s Sunday dinner with 9 in attendance. I’m was finding the heat leaving me feeling whacked out with PMS’ing raising her ugly head, yet again. I decided to simplify even more than usual. Here’s what we had that made it so cinchy:

  • Butcher prepared shish kabobs
  • Pre-peeled corn on the cob
  • Roasted peppers
  • Roasted prepared parisienne potatoes
  • My one sis brought a big green salad
  • My other sis made a berry Humble Crumble (I think she’s been reading my blog!!)
  • I added a bowl of seasonal juicy cherries

My Mom brought eggplant parmesan and Mother Dearest  brought borscht. I say when you’re over 75 years old you can bring whatever you want even if it was feeling like it’s 95 degrees in the shade!! Everything was terrific.

Early afternoon I sat in my yard to relax and take a load off. My flowers looked lovely and the birds were singing and fluttering about. How nice it is to share this time of year with loved ones, because it really doesn’t get any better than this.

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